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Who Voices Alice in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Klee Official Teaser
Genshin Impact Klee Official Teaser / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Here's who plays Alice in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Version 2.8 has reintroduced the Golden Apple Archipelago, meaning players once again get to visit the islands that were originally introduced in Version 1.6. At the end of the Version 1.6 storyline, it was revealed that Alice created the islands as a gift for her daughter Klee. Besides being Klee's mother, Alice is known by many characters in Mondstadt for being the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide, as well as an incredibly accomplished adventurer, astrologist, alchemist, engineer, and magician. For players who are interested in her, here's who voices Alice in Genshin Impact.

Who Voices Alice in Genshin Impact?

While Alice is never physically seen in-game, her voice is heard over a Phonograph recording she left for Klee and her friends in Version 1.6. It's also likely we may hear her voice again in Version 2.8. Genshin Impact revealed on their official Twitter that the Japanese voice for Alice is Kikuko Inoue, known for her work in popular roles like Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil, Sanae Furukawa in Clannad, Kirumi Tojo in Danganronpa V3, and many more.

Alice's official Chinese voice actress is Qi Zhang, known for doing the Chinese voice for characters in popular animated movies, as well as various characters in the League of Legends movie. While the Japanese and Chinese voice actresses have been revealed, Alice's English and Korean official voice actresses have yet to be announced. This could mean that the voice we've already heard for Alice in these version may be changed, or that the announcement is coming later instead.