Who Voices The Foundation in Fortnite?

Who Voices The Foundation in Fortnite?
Who Voices The Foundation in Fortnite? / Screenshot courtesy of Epic Games

Who voices The Foundation in Fortnite? Nobody knows officially, but it's heavily speculated that a certain former WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor and voice talent is "behind the mask" of the newest introduction to the leader of The Seven.

Who Voices the Foundation in Fortnite?

While we do not have official confirmation on who voices The Foundation, fans are all but certain that Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson is the voice behind the upcoming antagonist. From the Zero Crisis Story Cinematic for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 video, it's clear that The Foundation is no friend of Agent Jones, and is reluctant to help him with the crisis at hand.

The Rock posted a video to Instagram earlier this week, stating that his world and another world were connecting. Instagram appears to be having some issues at this time, so we are not able to grab the original video, but The Rock's video was grabbed by a fan and put on Twitter.

The Rock really emphasizes that March 16 was a big day, and particularly for one culture, but doesn't go into detail. The apparent ramblings definitely indicate that he's hiding something, and it can't be a coincidence the trailer we linked above was also uploaded on March 16.

The two videos weren't linked immediately, nonetheless it took virtually no time at all for fans to make connections. Nothing has been denied or confirmed by Epic Games at this time, or The Rock, but nobody chooses vague terminology then quickly switches to specific words without trying to hint at something big.