Why Are There So Many Pikachus in Pokemon GO?

Why are there so many Pikachus in Pokemon GO?
Why are there so many Pikachus in Pokemon GO? / Niantic Labs

Why are there so many Pikachus in Pokemon GO?

There are enough Pikachus in Pokemon GO to make Team Rocket go wild.

A recent influx of Pikachus has taken trainers off guard this week, leaving them questioning how and why there are so many of these electric mice running through the streets of their local neighborhoods. It's no secret that Pikachu is the mascot of Nintendo's immensely popular Pokemon franchise--which would directly translate into frequent features in nearly all their games and shows.

This time, however, the numbers have trainers a bit concerned.

Pikachu Invasion Takes Over Neighborhood

Fortunately, the answer is simple: Pikachu was the Pokemon chosen for the weekly Spotlight Hour on Tuesday, Feb. 23. As most trainers are aware by now, any Pokemon positioned in the spotlight essentially takes over the game from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time. They spawn everywhere from wooded parks to urban alleys and more--often with a chance to be shiny.

This is the precise reason Pikachu appeared to launch a full scale invasion into Pokemon GO.

Pikachu is also currently being featured in the host of Kanto-themed events taking place from now until the end of February. As a Kanto Pokemon, itself, it makes sense that trainers would be seeing more of it until the celebration concludes.

Recently, this Pokemon was also featured in the dragon and electric-type incense day, Pokemon Go Fest in 2020, and a handful of unique research quests. Its Community Day took place in 2018.