Why Does Valorant Update So Slowly?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Why does Valorant update so slowly? It's the question that many players ask when it comes time for a new patch or update. With major updates to the game it may take some time simply because each region has its own server, and when processing a new component, that time will be slower than usual because of how many players are trying to get that new update. But there are a few tips players can use in order to increase the speed of download.

Why Does Valorant Update so Slow?

Even if a player has a high-performance computer or great internet, the fact of the matter is that the download time for a new Valorant update is going to be slow, especially with everybody wanting it installed into their games. Riot Games’ servers may be backlogged with the information to deliver a timely and efficient patch to all players.

But what players can do on their part to help improve this download time is the following.

Minimizing Client During Download

Other applications that are open will interfere with the process of downloading the updates simply because it takes up space and computing power that can be otherwise consolidated toward the downloading time of the update for Valorant.

If applications won’t close, go to the task manager and try to force quit running programs.

If there are issues with one's internet, Riot has provided helpful tools to help players troubleshoot their internet.

Reset Router

Before one starts the update process for Valorant, restart the router to make a more stable internet connection. Start by unplugging both the router and modem. Wait about 20 seconds to a minute before plugging the router and modem back in. 

Add a DNS Resolver

Troubleshooting the DNS may help with the update, but if not the other option is to add a DNS Resolver, as it might help with internet speed.