Why is Fortnite Lagging so Bad: How to Check Server Status

Why is Fortnite lagging so bad is a pretty common problem. Usually, pretty fixable too. But, if you are not particularly handy (as in, turning the computer on and off again is the extent of your knowledge), here's a quick guide. Hopefully, it does not impact your performance in the weekly challenges too much.

A lot of the time, it's just a slow internet speed. But there are usually other factors to this as well - especially if your connection is good. So, the most obvious solution here is obviously to get a better, more consistent internet connection. If it's not this? Well, then we have a few other options here.

Why is Fortnite Lagging so Bad: How to Check Server Status

First things first, you have to ask yourself - did the lag occur after a Fortnite update?


Okay, yes, it is probably the simplest and most obvious thing you can do, but restarting your device is always worth doing first. If Fortnite releases too big of an update, bugs can occur. Restarting your device can usually clear it enough to paly before Epic Games get around to fixing the issue long-term. Frustrating maybe, but you'll be more frustrated if you try it after pulling apart your device.

Do You Have the Right Region?

Like a lot of big games, Epic Games have dedicated servers for different areas of the world. Therefore allowing for a better and more seamless time. To check your server region, head over to Game Tab in Settings, click on the Region section, and then select the closest Region to you.


Finally, we arrive here. Make sure to check what's running in the background of your devices. If you are on your PC, for example, then gaming clients like Steam or Origin may be running software updates in the background. Close down any open tabs for livestreaming services (if not in use) as well, as this can slow down your internet speed. Downloads and updates can slow down and cause lags as well on other devices, such as PS4 or Switch. You might want to suspend them while you play. Of course, if slow internet is a big problem, you might want to consider using an ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection.

So while there are certainly many reasons why Fortnite might be lagging, there is always a solution. Whether permanent or simply short-term, here are just a few ways in which to improve your game.