Why is it So Hard to Shoot in NBA 2K24?

Here's why it is so hard to shoot in NBA 2K24.
Here's why it is so hard to shoot in NBA 2K24. / Visual Concepts

Wondering why it is so hard to shoot in NBA 2K24? We have all the answers from the developers, plus a few tips and tricks to improve your shot.

A new NBA 2K game means new jump shots, settings, and timings to master as you explore The City. If you are new to the franchise or have not played in a long time, you might be a little frustrated with how hard it is to knock down consistent shots from beyond the arc. Even veteran players complained about their average three-point percentage in NBA 2K24.

After much discourse over the past week, the developers finally responded.

Why is it So Hard to Shoot in NBA 2K24?

It is so hard to shoot in NBA 2K24 because the developers designed the latest title to reflect the realities of the NBA. Unless you are Steph Curry, mastering your three-point shot is an incredibly difficult task that now translates in-game.

Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, revealed, "One of the goals for shooting this year was to get the shot percentages more in line with NBA averages, definitely lower than what you've seen the last couple of years."

Wang furthered, "So if you're shooting 40-50% from 3, you're doing really well. If you're in the 30's, you're still hitting targets for a decent shooter." He concludes, "Just want everyone to adjust their expectations that averaging below 60% is normal and by design."

The skill gap in NBA 2K24, like in the NBA, separates the elite shooters from the rest.

NBA 2K24 Jump Shot: Tips and Tricks

Here's a few tips and tricks to master your NBA 2K24 jump shot.

  • Turn off Jump Shot Meter.
  • Find which Shot Timing Visual Cue works best for you.
  • Upgrade your Shooting badges.
  • Equip the best jump shot.
  • Practice as much as you can.

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