Why is Lockdown Mode Disabled in Warzone?

Here's why Lockdown mode is disabled in Warzone.
Here's why Lockdown mode is disabled in Warzone. / Activision

Lockdown Mode has been disabled in Warzone for days, and the Call of Duty community wants to know why.

Although most of the buzz in the Call of Duty world has been centered on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, including its upcoming live event in Warzone, the developers are still making changes to the game's current modes behind the scenes. Lockdown and Plunder were removed from Warzone on Aug. 10 without warning and have not returned since.

Here's everything we know about why Lockdown mode is disabled in Warzone.

Why is Lockdown Mode Disabled in Warzone?

Lockdown Mode was likely disabled in Warzone to prevent XP farming. Lockdown, along with Plunder, are the two easiest modes in Warzone to gain quick XP to level up weapons, especially after some players realized reviving their downed teammates provided a ton of XP.

In fact, players could revive their downed teammates over and over throughout a match, bringing their XP count to extremely high levels. It seems Activision has disabled the modes to prevent players from abusing the glitch.

Call of Duty Updates posted on X, "Plunder and Lockdown have been disabled while we investigate an issue." The post is from Aug. 10, and yet there is still no confirmation from Activision regarding the official reason the mode was disabled.

What is Lockdown Mode in Warzone?

Lockdown mode brings multiplayer to Warzone in a limited-time mode perfect for players who want a break from Battle Royale or Resurgence. Lockdown, inspired by Hardpoint, requires Quads to capture and hold zones around Vondel to secure a victory.

When is Lockdown Mode Coming Back to Warzone?

As of now, there is no definitive date for when Lockdown mode is coming back to Warzone. Along with Plunder, Lockdown will remain disabled until the developers decide to relaunch the modes, possibly with nerfed XP.

We will know more about the future of Lockdown and Plunder when the next Warzone playlist drops, likely on Wednesday, Aug. 16.

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