Why Players are Receiving DC 63 Spray for Free

Photo courtesy Epic Games and Time

Players are receiving DC 63 spray for free in celebration of Martin Luther King, as a way to commemorate his life’s work, the event has been called a March Through Time. Because of this event, not only are players receiving a free spray but also a music pack to match the theme of what the upcoming holiday symbolizes.

Why Players are Receiving DC 63 Spray for Free

Originally earned through a series of challenges, the DC 63 spray is now available to the Fortnite community as soon as they enter the game, with a prompted message that explains they will be receiving the DC 63 spray as well as a music pack labeled “March."

Epic Games has always been known to be quite giving for events throughout the year, and this time they continue to uphold their standard when celebrating Martin Luther King’s day, a day to recognize the accomplishments that Martin Luther King has made in his struggle for equal rights.

The initial event was in August of 2021, where collaboration with Epic Games and TIME Studios made it possible for players to experience a re-imagined Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial when Martin Luther King gave his speech of “I Have a Dream."

And initially blocked by challenges players had to complete, all players have now received the spray and the music pack. Now either this was made purposeful by Epic Games or accidentally, the public will never know. But the reason for such skepticism is because when being given the DC 63 spray, the message states “Thanks for exploring DC 63."