Widowmaker Almost Single-Handily Saves a Lost Objective

Widowmaker takes the objective in an "over my dead body play"
Widowmaker takes the objective in an "over my dead body play" | Photo by colinhastri/Blizzard

Reddit user colinhastri posted this gameplay clip to the Overwatch subreddit showing off an older play of the game. The clip shows off a risky but highly rewarded piece of Widow gameplay. Let's get right into the clip.

This one happens pretty quickly starting out with Widow charging right into the front lines of combat with the other team. Obviously, due to Widow's relatively low health compared to other heroes, most people tend to be more comfortable playing her up in a sniper's nest instead of charging in like Rambo, but this player knows they have back up.

You can see an unseen healer giving them buffs as they head in. The first one down is Mercy, to make sure the other team can't heal. McCree is the first to notice Widow and claps back, doing a good chunk of damage, the unseen healer takes care of that though and McCree takes a headshot. The other team's Mei also tries to take down Widow and takes a headshot for it. Lucio runs in to try and help but gets shot down immediately. Widow then starts 1v1ing Roadhog until her team's Mei is able to respawn and help her take him out.

Using Widowmaker as a tank is generally not a strategy that works in every situation, but every once in awhile, completely subverting enemy expectations has a great pay off.