Widowmaker Shoots an Immaculate Quintuple Kill

Widow Player shoots an immaculate 5k
Widow Player shoots an immaculate 5k / Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Reddit user sleepymochiii posted this incredibly "clean 5k" to the Overwatch subreddit. Let's roll the tape to see how they pulled it off.

So, right off the bat the player has done some work off screen to put themselves in the perfect position to pull this off. They've managed to sneak around the back of the opposing team while their team is keeping them distracted at the payload, putting themselves in a great flanking position.

Widow then starts picking them off one by one, starting with the players that will be the easiest to miss. First the opposing Widow goes down up in her snipers nest, and far from her teammates. Then they target down the players on the ground, starting with those closest to them so that the other team doesn't notice as they charge the payload. Widow waves to the camera before taking down the last enemy as they retreat from the payload.

The most important factor to the success of this play is the combination of strategy and skill on the part of the player. Obviously the flanking maneuver and sniper triage was well thought out, but the player couldn't have pulled it off without those five, perfectly executed, head shots. Over all just a squeaky clean play with a fantastic return for the Widowmaker's team.