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Wildfrost Announced for Nintendo Switch and PC, Coming Winter 2022

Wildfrost, Chucklefish's upcoming deck-building roguelike, is set to release for Nintendo Switch and PC in Winter 2022.
Wildfrost, Chucklefish's upcoming deck-building roguelike, is set to release for Nintendo Switch and PC in Winter 2022. / Image courtesy of Chucklefish

Wildfrost is a new deckbuilding roguelike game coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) in Winter 2022, Chucklefish announced Wednesday.

The single-player title was revealed during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, complete with an announcement trailer showing off a bit of its incredibly cute aesthetic and tactical card battler gameplay.

Spearheaded by the efforts of developers Deadpan Games and Gaziter, as well as publisher Chucklefish, Wildfrost is said to be a game that will have Slay the Spire fans feeling right at home.

In Wildfrost, players are tasked with using their card strategy and deckbuilding skills to get that perfect run.

The Wildfrost, being an eternal winter itself, has frozen over the sun and the world, leaving it up to just the small civilization of Snowdwell and its remaining survivors to reach the Sun Temple and save the day.

With a strong emphasis on endless replayability, players begin their adventures into the frost by choosing a tribe Leader, which comes with randomized skills and stats.

From there, players embark on crafting their ideal decks, rescuing and recruiting frozen card companions and gifting them charms to enhance their powers along the way.

In battle, players can master the dynamic counter system and experiment with various elemental combinations to strategize their next moves.

After each run, players can return to Snowdwell to rebuild and expand the town, constructing a Pet Shop, Inventors Hunt and more to unlock new cards, challenges and events.

Wildfrost will release in English, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese localization. For further language support, Chucklefish added that it will be closely watching wishlist data and player feedback to evaluate which offering are further desired from the community.

"We're thrilled to be able to announce initial localisation plans for Wildfrost too," Chucklefish marketing and publishing director Katy Ellis said in a press release. "It’s always a joy to see people from all over the world play our games, and we hope to expand the language list ahead of launch even further."