Wilds of Eldraine Set Debut: Where to Watch

Wizards of the Coast

The newest Magic: The Gathering set, Wilds of Eldraine, is beginning its spoiler season tomorrow, as the much anticipated set debut stream will officially unveil new cards and mechanics coming to the card game currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Here's how to catch the set debut live and get a first look at the new cards in Wilds of Eldraine.

Wilds of Eldraine is set in the titular fairy tale plane, currently afflicted with a curse of magical slumber. Over the last few weeks, Wizards of the Coast has been drip feeding new information about the set, including story details and hints at card text. Some players have already gotten a head start on cards: New unofficial leaks have already spoiled some of the cards.

Wilds of Eldraine Set Debut: Where to Watch

According to an official post by the Magic: The Gathering X account, the set debut livestream will premiere at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on both YouTube and Twitch on Aug. 15. If the set debut follows the format of other such streams, it will feature details on the art, mechanics and story of the new set, featuring commentary by Magic designers and other figures.

Wilds of Eldraine is a landmark set for Magic. Ordinarily, the Fall set would mark Standard rotation and the format would refresh, but this is not the case this year. Wilds of Eldraine is also the first set to implement a change to Magic's design philosophy regarding the fan-favorite Planeswalker cards.