Will Apex Legends Run on Steam Deck?

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Getting a Steam Deck but want to know if it can run Apex Legends? Here's what you need to know.

One of the best aspects of current competitive gaming is that they're often available to play across multiple platforms. Regardless of which console or system you have, you usually stand a good chance of getting in on the most popular games around. With the upcoming release of Valve's Steam Deck, many have been wondering which games from their Steam library will be available to play on the handheld system.

Valve themselves are in the process of cataloguing every game available through its service and ranking their playability on the Steam Deck. There's a feature on Steam that allows you to check the current compatibility of your Steam library, though there are still many games which remain untested.

But what about Apex Legends? Will it have compatibility with Steam Deck?

Will Apex Legends Run on Steam Deck?

At the time of writing, Apex Legends remains untested for compatibility with the Steam Deck. One of the issues that has fans on edge is the console's ability to handle games which make use of Easy Anti-Cheat, like Apex.

However, Valve has assured that the console will support games which use this anti-cheat software. This means that there's a high chance that Apex Legends will be available to play on Steam Deck.

Valve's Steam Deck is set to officially launch tomorrow, Feb. 25, making it likely that fans could find out then whether or not Apex is supported. It's a popular title and given it's availability on Nintendo Switch (and the recent reveal of its mobile ports), it seems hard to believe that Apex wouldn't work on Steam Deck.