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Will Cosmetics Transfer from Warzone to Warzone 2?

Courtesy of Activision

Cosmetic items are a key component to progression systems in Warzone. After all, who cares about the stats of a gun if it doesn't look cool? With Warzone 2 being announced alongside Modern Warfare 2, many fans are wondering if their favorite cosmetic skins will be available for transfer.

Warzone Cosmetics May Transfer to Warzone 2

Currently, it's unclear whether skins will transfer in the future. While there's certainly a possibility, and an incentive to avoid backlash, the developers of the game have put out that there are technical problems that arise when trying to transfer all of the content from one game to the other.

As reported by gaming site The Loadout, Warzone directors Josh Bridge and Ted Timmons have expressed frustration at the massive amount of inventory items, alongside technical concerns with file size and download speeds, citing the huge amount of cosmetics and weapons as one of the major problems.

So while it seems that cosmetic items might get shafted on Warzone 2, due to technical concerns, it's not a hard yes or no. But even if transferable items might not be possible, that doesn't mean there will be no compensation. With Overwatch transferring skins to its sequel, it would be a PR nightmare for Activision not to follow suit, especially given that a lot of these cosmetics cost real world currency to acquire.