Will Deltarune Chapter 3 be Paid?

Image courtesy of Toby Fox

Deltarune Chapter 2 was recently released for free, but will the same be said for Chapter 3?

The long awaited second chapter to Deltarune, the parallel story to Undertale, was finally released on Sept. 17. The release was kept quiet right up until the day before its release, coming as a pleasant surprise to fans everywhere. Director Toby Fox has remained fairly quite regarding the game's future chapters, with many fans now looking to see when the next installment of the story will release.

Both Deltarune Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have been made available to download for free on PC, so it's natural for fans to wonder if the same will happen for future chapters.

Will Deltarune Chapter 3 be Paid?

According to Fox's Itch page, Chapters 3-5 are now in development and will be available as a paid release. 

Not much else was revealed about the next few chapters and, considering how spontaneous the release for Chapter 2 was, it's really anyone's guess for when the next update will appear. With no hint of a time frame for releases, fans will have to wait patiently before getting stuck into the next stages of the story. The first chapter of Deltarune was released back in 2018, clocking in at just under three years of development time for the second chapter to release. It's likely a similar sort of time frame could be expected for the next chapter.

In the meantime, though, Deltarune Chapter 2 is available now for free. Fans can also support the release by purchasing the soundtrack.