Will Diablo 4 be on Switch?


Diablo IV is coming this summer, giving players the opportunity to explore the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary once more. The game is set to come to PCs and consoles, but what about the Nintendo Switch?

Diablo IV advances the gameplay of the previous games in a brand-new package. Players create a character from a number of playable classes and dive into the dark fantasy world Sanctuary, slaying monsters, demons and other foul creatures in its expansive and intricate dungeons.

Will Diablo 4 be on Switch?

So far Blizzard has not announced plans to launch Diablo IV on Switch. The game's website lists it as launching on PC via the Battle.net client, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One. The fact that the game is launching on previous-gen consoles could mean the Nintendo Switch might be able to handle a port of it, but it is currently unknown whether Blizzard will pursue this avenue of release.

Players on PC and consoles can get their hands on Diablo IV early by participating in an Open Beta this weekend, which will allow them to experience the first Act of the game and level their character up to Level 25 while also earning exclusive permanent rewards.