Will Fortnite Come Back to iOS?

Will Fortnite come back to iOS?
Will Fortnite come back to iOS? | Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Will Fortnite come back to iOS? The hundreds of millions of Fortnite players that played on their iPhones have been stranded without a way to play ever since Epic Games and Apple started butting heads last year. Here's what we know about the chances of Fortnite returning to iOS.

Will Fortnite Come Back to iOS?

Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store in August 2020 after Epic Games attempted to circumvent paying royalties to Apple for in-app purchases. The two companies quickly entered a legal feud that has kept Fortnite off the App Store and that remains ongoing. As such, it's unlikely Apple will restore Fortnite to the App Store for the foreseeable future.

But not all hope is lost for Fortnite iOS users. Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service is running an open beta on iOS, and the company says it is working with Epic Games to create a version of Fortnite that would be accessible through its platform. Players would stream the game to their phones, circumventing Apple's App Store completely.

Nvidia and Epic Games have yet to set a release date for Fortnite via GeForce Now, but an Nvidia customer help page last updated in December says members can look forward to the game coming to "iOS Safari soon."