Will Ghost of Tsushima Have DLC?

Will Ghost of Tsushima have DLC? It's possible
Will Ghost of Tsushima have DLC? It's possible / Sucker Punch Productions

Will Ghost of Tsushima have DLC?

Sucker Punch Productions' Ghost of Tsushima released on July 17 to massive acclaim from fans. This open-world adventure takes place in the Feudal era of late 13th century Japan during the Mongol invasion where players take on the role of Jin, a samurai. Their objective is to fight back against the Mongols and free the island while growing the legend of their exploits along the way.

Will Ghost of Tsushima Have DLC?

There are no plans for any DLC at the time of writing. Sucker Punch has neither confirmed nor denied any action on DLCs for Ghost of Tsushima in the near or distant future. Of course, this doesn't mean the chance of a DLC release is completely void. Not every company or title decides to tell all their plans at launch.

In fact, if Sucker Punch's previous work is to be held with, players may be able to hold out hope for a single, small scale story-based addition. Its likely fans may have to wait a bit as the studio has been rather forthcoming about all the work they've done making sure the core game, itself, is perfect.

For now, however, players will have to be content with the Collector's, Special, and Digital Deluxe editions for extra content.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.