Will GTA Online Merge With GTA 6?

Image Courtesy of RockStar Games

With conversations about GTA 6 circulating online, it is only natural for fans to be asking whether GTA online may merge its existing lobbies when GTA 6 does release.

With no official release date for the installment in the series, as well as other factors like the reported restructuring of its publisher Rockstar games, it is difficult to say for certain what the online play will be like. That, however, doesn't stop people on the internet from speculating about it.

In a post to the GTA 6 subreddit almost a year ago, user u/Zorax84 posed a similar question to the ones being posted today.

Will GTA Online Merge With GTA 6?

Obviously there are two camps, those who think that GTA 6 will merge with GTA online, and those that do not.

Because of the wild success of GTA Online, that continues almost ten years after it was first released, it is easy to wonder, why Rockstar wouldn't go with an integrated approach, similar to that of Call of Duty's Warzone experience.

However, as fans such as Reddit user u/LeeChaolanComeOn point out in the discussion thread above, it may not be possible for technical reasons. Because GTA 6 will be built on a new engine, it may not be easy to simply combine the experiences.

What we do know is that GTA 6 will be produced as a standalone title. Official on information on the online gameplay is still scarce. For now, it's likely best to wait for reliable information to come out, rather than take to heart the speculation of amateur enthusiasts online.