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Will Jay Lethal be in the AEW Video Game?

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Jay Lethal recently made his debut in All Elite Wrestling at AEW Full Gear, and ahead of the promotion's first video-game release, this has sparked interesting questions.

Fans who are waiting for the new AEW video game are now wondering if based on his appearance, and upcoming debut match, if Jay Lethal will appear in the new AEW video game.

Will Jay Lethal be in the AEW Video Game?

Based on the current stage of development for the AEW console game, it's unlikely Jay Lethal will be in the game right away, considering that the game has been in development for over a year. The game is set to release likely in early or mid 2022, so while he may not be on the opening day roster, there is the potential of athletes like him and CM Punk being downloadable or being added once the game has already been released.

Recently, AEW Games and The Owen Hart Foundation announced an agreement that will bring the likeness of the late wrestling Legend to the upcoming AEW game. As AEW continues to sign more big-name talent to their roster, we may be set for many updates to the game's roster once launched in 2022.