Will Krampus Return in Warzone 2?


Wondering if Krampus is set to return in Warzone 2 this holiday season? Here's what you need to know.

Last year, Warzone players were terrorized by the Christmas demon, better known as Krampus. As a horned, anthropomorphic figure in the Central and Eastern Alpine folklore, Krampus was known for scaring children who had misbehaved. In Warzone, he took things a bit further.  

Krampus made it his mission to hunt down random players in Warzone matches, presenting a new player-vs.-environment challenge for Warzone participants. While the creature certainly upset the balance, for better and for worse, players have been wondering if we'll see his return in Warzone 2.

Is Krampus Coming Back in Warzone 2?

At the time if writing, neither Raven Software or Infinity Ward have confirmed the return of Krampus in Warzone 2. So far, no Call of Duty holiday events have been revealed.

For some players, this might come as a relief. Krampus was notoriously difficult to kill when he was first introduced into Warzone, killing players in mere moments. Raven Software listened, and nerfed Krampus' health across all modes in order for players to stand a better chance of survival.