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Will League of Legends Ever Come to Mobile?

Will League of Legends ever come to mobile? The game has been out for more than a decade now. It was one of the pioneers for not only the MOBA genre but for large-scale esports, and now that the genre has been more established, other games in the genre, such as Smite and various mobile MOBAs, have made leaps to other consoles. So the question is, will League of Legends do the same?

Will League of Legends Ever Come to Mobile?

Riot Games has been extremely focused with having League of Legends remain to be on only one platform, PC. This is so that they do not have to split their attention worrying about how their game is performing on other consoles. This way they only have to worry about balancing and bug fixing for PC.

So the answer is that League of Legends will most likely never be available on mobile devices. However, there is an official companion app that Riot Games released that can allow you to access parts of the client through your phone.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games