Will Mario Strikers: Battle League Get More Characters?

Mario Strikers: Battle League.
Mario Strikers: Battle League. / Image courtesy of Nintendo

Mario Strikers: Battle League was released on June 10, seeing members of the Mario Universe take part in action-packed soccer matches in colorful, dynamic arenas. The usual suspects in Mario games can be spotted, however, there are only 10 characters currently available to play.

While Mario Strikers: Battle League is fun, what it lacks is a wider range of available characters to choose from. Will Mario Strikers: Battle League get more characters in the future?

Will Mario Strikers: Battle League Get More Characters?

According to Nintendo, it is confirmed that there will be "free post-launch updates" for Mario Strikers: Battle League and these updates will include new characters.

It's still unknown when Nintendo plans to schedule these releases, or what characters will be included in the updates, but we do know that they will be free to download. Bowser and Donkey Kong feature in Battle League, but it's unknown if Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr. will appear in the game in the future. The same goes for characters like Birdo or any of the Koopalings.

When Nintendo announces the release date for these character reveals, we will update you on who's next to hit the pitch in Mario Strikers: Battle League.