Will Paralives Get a Nintendo Switch Release?

Alex Massé

Paralives is an upcoming simulation indie game that is both single-player and open-world.

The game has been in development since June 2019, with frequent developer updates since its announcement. Its journey has had no difficulty being tracked by fans and interested gamers alike. Despite similarities to The Sims, the game has unique components and differentiates itself due to its art style.

The Montréal-based team updates consistently through their Twitter and Youtube, in addition to other platforms, about recent developments in animations and key gameplay features.

Will Paralives Get a Nintendo Switch Release?

For the moment, the game only appears to be getting a release on Steam for PC and Mac, with no plans for any console versions at this time. The game's website does not indicate a plan to release a mobile version either, so for the time being, it appears Paralives will only be available exclusively on Steam.

The game's selective platforms seem to make sense considering all of the features available at launch. The incredibly fleshed-out character design, called Paramaker, and the open-world setting are two examples of this upcoming game's elaborate experience for players to have.

The developers have stated there is no planned release date for Paralives, although a beta version has been planned for the future.