Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Have Multiplayer?

A title that has many Switch owners and Pokemon fans talking is the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with the excitement recently bolstered with a new trailer and the confirmation of a January 2022 release date. But amidst all the confirmations and speculations the trailer presented, will Pokemon Legends: Arceus have Multiplayer?

Since Pokemon’s very first title, multiplayer has always been a staple component in the franchise. Entries in both the mainline and spin-off serieses have featured multiplayer in the form of battling one another, leaderboards, or trading; and there have been very few cases where multiplayer is absent. Whether it’s with a Link Cable, Local Communication, or a Wi-Fi Connection, Game Freak has always made an effort to make sure that no player plays alone.

It’s no secret that the game will feature a twist on the classic Pokemon turn-based gameplay, so the possibility of things like battling and trading are up in the air, if they’re even going to be in the game at all. 

Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Have Multiplayer?

As of now, multiplayer in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is limited to trading Pokemon. According to the “Story” tab of the game’s official website, this entry will utilize Nintendo Switch Online through an in-game Trading Post so that players may trade their Pokemon with fellow survey explorers all over the world. A Local Communication option is likely to follow.

While there has been no confirmation of PvP battling yet, it’s not outside of the realm of possibility, considering that battling has always been a staple of the series. It’s best to keep an eye open for any news confirming or de-confirming the fact.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be available to play January 28, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.