Will Pokemon Unite be Free?

Will Pokemon Unite be Free?
Will Pokemon Unite be Free? / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite is scheduled to launch in this summer and players can access it on the Nintendo Switch or on their mobile devices. Pokemon fans can look forward to five-on-five team battle brawls, as well as utilizing popular Pokemon during Unite Battles.

Pokemon Unite can be downloaded for free. However, there will be certain items in the game that can only be unlocked with in-game currency.

Will Pokemon Unite be Free?

Players can purchase numerous items in the game such as held and battle items, as well as battle passes for outfit changes.

Pokemon fans can expect to gain Aeos coins after defeating their opponents at the end of the game. Aeos coins can also be obtained through completing tutorials and playing in events. However, it is still unclear if players can buy additional Aeos coins.

Players can also obtain Fashion tickets, which can be used for buying Holowear clothes for avatars and skins for certain Pokemon. Fashion tickets can be obtain through buying Pokemon skins from Pokemon Unite's app store.

Pokemon Unite also offers Gems, which can be utilized for buying Battle Passes.

From gaining special items to collecting more Pokemon skins, many Pokemon Unite features can be bought through Battle Passes. Players can gain 50 levels of Battle Passes, which can be unlocked through finishing Pokemon Unite quests.

Alternatively, users can also buy a Battle Pass for 490 Gems, or a Battle Pass with the initial 10 levels unlocked for 840 Gems.

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