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Will Resident Evil 8 Have VR?

Will Resident Evil 8 have VR?

With the advent of VR becoming a bigger deal every year, many players have been starving for more fully-fledged gaming experiences in the medium of virtual reality.

Valve made a huge splash pioneering the world of VR gaming with their release of Half-Life: Alyx back in the Fall of 2019. Alyx allowed players to experience a complete video gaming experience as you would on any platform, although it was very special to have a high-quality experience on VR.

This opens up the possibility for other studios to try and jump on the growing phenomenon that is virtual reality, and see if it's worth it to re-create their game in a VR lens.

Will Resident Evil 8 Have VR?

No. Unfortunately, there has been no word from Capcom on whether or not Resident Evil Village will have any sort of VR support. The launch version of RE8 releasing worldwide May 7 will not include VR support on any platform the game is available on.

The future for Resident Evil Village and virtual reality is not unfounded however, as the previous installment, Resident Evil biohazard became the first game in the Resident Evil series to support not only a first-person perspective, but the first one to have a VR version.

Capcom knows the success was there for RE7's VR, and with the anticipation being built for Resident Evil Village, so long as the game delivers, a virtual reality version is not out of the question.

Potential Pivot into VR Down the Line

While Resident Evil 7 did release with VR capability straight out the gate, Capcom decided to not release Resident Evil 8 with VR support right away. Whether this is due to time restrictions, working on developing a game for a new generation of consoles, or general tech restrictions, there will be no VR for RE8 right away.

What Capcom can end up doing is planning for some sort of re-release for Resident Evil Village in between now and the release of the next title in the series. Just as Resident Evil 7 released with a Gold Edition to celebrate and bundle the first DLC, Resident Evil 8 can do a similar pivot with a special VR version released.

Regardless of what is to come, Resident Evil Village releases May 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.