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Will Shipment be in Modern Warfare 2?

Activision, Screenshot by DBLTAP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will feature many familiar and popular maps during this year, but players wonder if Shipment will be included in the game. Here's everything you need to know about this classic map potentially coming to Modern Warfare 2.

Will Shipment Be In Modern Warfare 2?

Unfortunately, Infinity Ward has not confirmed the release of Shipment in Modern Warfare 2, but the map has been included in previous leaks connecting to historic maps that will be featured in the game. Shipment was a popular map that was introduced to the game in Modern Warfare.

Shipment is a small multiplayer map that has been recommended for fast game modes. Designed with shipping containers, the fan-favorite map is an ideal environment for close range and high capacity weapons.

As for the confirmed maps in Modern Warfare 2, players can look forward to exploring areas such as the Breenbergh Hotel and the Sariff Bay. Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode includes core maps and battle maps which are placed into three different area groups.

The core maps are specifically designed for 6-v-6 battles, and battle maps center around 32-v-32 Ground War battles.

Modern Warfare 2's maps are placed into three groups, which include Al Mazrah, Las Almas, and the Rest of the World. Whether you're a fan of the Crown Raceway map, or an avid explorer of the Sariff Bay map, Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode has various choices for picking its battlefield.

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