Will Sifu Have DLC?

Photo courtesy of SloClap

Will Sifu have DLC? The stylish fighter has taken the internet by storm, and players want to know if they have more content to look forward to.

Sifu does have plans for DLC that were revealed in an interview with GamingBolt. Confirmed by development studio SloClap's marketing manager, Felix Garczynski, there are plans to release DLC for Sifu, but players can expect the game to stay strictly single-player.

Sifu is a third-person perspective action game that takes place in China. The martial arts game was inspired by Pak Mei style Kung Fu and has over 150 unique moves. In Sifu, players play as a martial artist who is on a mission to kill Yang, a martial artist and gang leader who murdered his father.

Fans of the game have been comparing Sifu to Sekiro Online due to their martial arts inspired gameplay and challenging nature. The narratives of both have also been highly praised by players.

Will Sifu Have DLC?

Sifu was released on Feb. 8 and is still a fairly new game. However, the developers have announced that after the launch, they will continue to give Sifu additional DLC.

Although these DLCs will be released for the game, the devs have firmly stated that there will be no multiplayer feature in Sifu. In the GamingBolt interview, Garcyznski dives into the reason that Sifu will not be multiplayer.

“Sifu will remain single-player only,” Garczynski said. “We are an independent studio with limited means, and we wanted the team to focus on creating an immersive and distinctive single player experience. We do have additional content planned for post-launch though!”

Sifu is available to play on PC, PS4 and PS5. There has been no talk about whether the game will be made available on Xbox.