Will There Be a Destiny Movie?

A Destiny movie seems likely.
A Destiny movie seems likely. / Image courtesy of Bungie

Will there be a Destiny movie? The franchise certainly has the drama necessary for a filmic adaptation, and gears appear to have been turning on making this possibility a reality for some time now. The timing seems better than ever for Bungie to turn its tentpole IP into a movie, now that Sony has purchased it for $3.6 billion. Here's what we know about the status of a Destiny movie.

Will There Be a Destiny Movie?

The possibility of a Destiny movie first began to gain traction in the public consciousness when Bungie posted a job listing for a Senior Executive in Development for Film, TV and Transmedia.

"Reporting to the Destiny Universe Executive Creative Director, you'll drive projects that extend the Destiny franchise into new categories including TV, films, books, comics and audio formats," read the listing (H/T Forbes). "As a storytelling and 'guardian of the Destiny IP, you will identify, select, guide, collaborate, and provide feedback to third parties and partners enabling them to tell additional myths in the Destiny universe that delight our fans while capturing the hearts and minds of new audiences."

Bungie had also recently added former Viacom CBS executive Pamela Kaufman to its board of directors, emphasizing a new focus on content beyond games.

These developments are likely to accelerate rapidly now that Sony has entered the picture. The company has said it plans to offer its extensive resources in movies, TV and music to Bungie, allowing the latter to transform its IP into multimedia franchises.

So is a Destiny movie on the way? There's no official confirmation yet, but it seems highly likely.