Will There be a FIFA 22 Summer Heat Promotion?

Image courtesy of EA Sports

With the life cycle of FIFA 22 winding down, and Ultimate TOTS in full swing, there are only a couple more promos for FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, before everyone's attention turns to FIFA 23. Typically, EA will release some summer promos to keep the interest in the current game going longer, and make the OP players more available to all players as the power curve increases. One such promo from FIFA 20 was Summer Heat.

Summer Heat released a stacked roster of promo cards, and gave players the ability to get some impressive upgrade packs to boost their teams with. Here's everything we know on if we'll get Summer Heat in FIFA 22.

Will There be a FIFA 22 Summer Heat Promotion?

As of now, very little has been leaked or revealed regarding the end game promotions for FIFA 22. EA has been exclusively focused on the end of TOTS, while tweaking and refreshing the FUT Champs rewards that go along with it, and leakers have only really been sharing information regarding the End of an Era (EOAE) items like Cesc Fàbregas.

Despite the lack of information, we can still make some educated guesses on what we'll get from EA in the coming months. EA has largely stuck to the past Ultimate Team script when it come to FIFA 22 promos.

The only really different and novel promotions have been FUT Fantasy and Winter Wildcards. Nearly every other promotion from Road to the Knockouts and Road to the Finals, to Numbers Up and Future Stars have been repeat events. Given that knowledge, it's safe to say some sort of Summer Heat style promo will be out soon, regardless of what it's actually called.