Will There be a FIFA 22 Ultimate Scream Event?

The last time we saw a Halloween-themed promotion in FIFA was 2 years ago in FIFA 22. With a new kit popping up in the objectives, many fans wonder if a "Scream" theme is coming.

The "Scream" Theme used to be one of the more unique promotions in a FIFA cycle as it has arguably the most unique card designs of the year.

Will There be a FIFA 22 Ultimate Scream Event?

The last "Scream" themed promotion consisted of players that would have permanent stat boosts and also two random stats boosted to 99 on specific days such as every Friday the 13th.

Although the permanent boosts were usually very good, not many people were fans of the two random boosts because of the very few times it would actually occur.

As the RTTK promo comes to an end, many fans of FIFA 22 have started to speculate that we may be receiving a quick "Scream" promo.

With a new Halloween themed kit being available in the objectives section, it may become a possibility for us to be receiving a new set of "Scream" cards this week for the first time in 2 years.

A return of the "Scream" cards would be an exciting new feature for the FIFA 22 cycle.