Will There be a FIFA 23 Beta?

FIFA 23 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 23 is inching closer and closer, with FIFA 22 coming to an end after this summer. Expectations are high for the new FIFA, being the last installment under the FIFA title before the franchise name changes to EA Sports FC.

EA hasn't dropped much news regarding FIFA 23, outside of gameplay features like cross-platform and leaks of new cards. The middle of the summer is usually when EA begins releasing information on the upcoming FIFA title, including the game's release date and beta. Here's what we know about a potential FIFA 23 beta.

Will There be a FIFA 23 Beta?

EA has yet to drop information on a FIFA 23 beta, however, one usually comes each year towards the end of August/early September.

We can expect a FIFA 23 beta, however we'll have to wait for EA to reveal the release date for it. The Beta usually arrives soon after ratings begin getting revealed for the new FIFA installment, so this should stay the same for the launch of FIFA 23.

EA Play members will likely have access to the game early, but only select FIFA players who have played will get access to the Beta for free. Stay tuned for how to get the beta for FIFA 23 once it is revealed.