Will There Be Another Overwatch 2 Beta?

Courtesy of Blizzard

All good things must come to an end, even the Overwatch 2 beta. As it's only with us for a scant three weeks before its inevitable closure May 17, many are concerned about whether or not there will be a new one. Fortunately, it seems that Blizzard has plans to make the beta more accessible for players, especially console players.

Will There Be Another Overwatch 2 Beta?

Overwatch's developers caught some initial heat when they announced the current round of beta testing wouldn't make its way to consoles, leaving some of the game's most dedicated players out in the cold. This led Blizzard to assure console gamers that a new beta, one they could access, would eventually go live.

Despite that assurance, Blizzard has yet to reveal when such a console beta might open. It's also unclear whether or not that second beta might be exclusive to consoles the same way this first one is exclusive to PC. It seems unlikely, but the possibility remains, and Blizzard has been mum on the subject.