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Will There Be DLC For Gotham Knights?

Warner Bros. Games

Gotham Knights, Warner Bros. Games' new title, is here. But will there be DLC?

Although Gotham Knights follows the story of the Bat Family after Batman's death, its universe is separate from Warner Bros. Games' previous Arkham series. Prior to its release, Warner Bros. Games announced Gotham Knight's move from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to an exclusive PlayStation 5 and Xbox series S and X release, citing the need to "to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience." This, alongside the brand-new cast of characters to play as and discover, has had players eager to know if its storylines will be continued in DLC.

Will There Be DLC For Gotham Knights?

Currently, the "Visionary Pack" is the only DLC available for Gotham Knights. Originally available as a part of the Deluxe and Collector's editions of the game, it can also be purchased on its own for $24.99. However, it solely consists of cosmetic items and gear. Unfortunately, no news of storyline-related DLC has been released by the development team.

Despite this, fans have speculated that an eventual DLC release isn't completely unlikely. James Sigfield, a writer for The GWW who has often predicted content releases from Warner Bros. Games, recently shared his opinion that Gotham Knights is "the kind of game to get extensive post launch support." Whether or not Warner Bros. Games will fulfill that vision remains to be seen.