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Will There be Solos in Apex Legends?

Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

Because of the addition of solos in Apex Legends Mobile, many players are wondering if the mode will be added in the main game.

Since the beginning, Apex Legends has had a primary focus on its trios mode, only making duos available after having it as a limited-time game mode. With the addition of a solo mode in Apex Legends Mobile, many fans are left wondering if it is only a matter of time before the mode makes its way over to PC and consoles.

For Apex Legends players hoping to be able to win games by themselves in a dedicated solos mode, the answer will come as a disappointment.

Will There be Solos in Apex Legends?

While a solos mode has appeared in Apex Legends Mobile as the main game mode and in Apex Legends on PC and consoles as a limited-time game mode, there has been no mention of a solos mode becoming a permanent addition to the main game.

Although a solos mode has made appearances as a limited-time game mode, the Respawn developers behind Apex Legends have gone on record to say that they balance their game around teamplay and legend abilities working together.

Currently, the only way to play solo in a game of Apex Legends is to enable the 'no fill' option when readying up for a match, though this puts players at a significant disadvantage since other players in the match will have a team to back them. Whether Respawn has plans to add a dedicated solos mode has yet to be announced.

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