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Will Trek to Yomi Get a Nintendo Switch Release?

Image courtesy of Flying Wild Hog

Here's what we know so far about a Trek to Yomi Nintendo Switch release.

Trek to Yomi, a new action side-scrolling game from Flying Wild Hog, released today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. Set in the Edo period of Japan, the player controls a warrior named Hiroki who seeks revenge for the destruction of his village. The game carries a strong Kurosawa influence, particularly present in its cinematic action sequences. 

This challenging adventure is a pretty short one, taking most players roughly 4 - 6 hours to complete. It's short playtime seems like a perfect git for the handheld nature of the Nintendo Switch. So, will it get a Switch release?

Will Trek to Yomi Release on Nintendo Switch?

At the time of writing, a Nintendo Switch version of Trek to Yomi has yet to be announced, but it seems the developers aren't ruling it out.

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, game director Marcin Kryszpin said, "we don’t exclude the possibility of there being a Switch version in the future.”

Trek to Yomi would certainly feel at home on the Nintendo Switch. Its side-scrolling and stylistic approach could make a great addition to the Switch catalog.

For the time being though, fans will only be able to check out the game on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.