Will Valorant Come to Mobile in 2022?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant Mobile in 2022 is possible as Riot Games has announced that they are currently in development for making Valorant accessible for mobile users. Initially, as a part of their first-year anniversary celebration, Valorant mobile’s release date has not been confirmed, but Riot is currently accepting positions for the development of the mobile game, as well as opening up registration for Beta testers. 

Will Valorant Come to Mobile in 2022?

So far, Valorant Mobile is expected to come to the market in 2022 as Riot had announced in June for their first-year anniversary celebration that the game is currently in production, but the actual release date is unknown.

Jobs Opening for Riot Games to Create and Test Valorant Mobile

When searching for information about Valorant Mobile, players have found job opportunities opening at Riot for certain positions that require a background specifically in mobile apps and gaming, which suggests that the process of distributing the game requires a large and capable team to make Valorant suitable for mobile devices.

Beta testing registration has opened for players to test out the different versions of the game in order for Riot to successfully produce the best version of Valorant Mobile. This process may be ongoing into the new year, and if all goes smoothly, hopefully, players will have Valorant on their phones fairly soon.

PC Players are Not Convinced for Valorant Mobile

Even though this step towards a mobile version of Valorant is a very interesting project that Riot had decided to take on, many PC players are confused as to why this is necessary. Especially since players have found that taking Valorant on a mobile platform may not be as enjoyable when playing Valorant on a PC. And considering other games that have turned mobile, like PUBG or Call of Duty, both games are difficult to play for many people considering the controls are a touchscreen, which can be difficult to maneuver around for a fast-paced video game-like Valorant.

As PC players do not see the purpose of having a mobile version of Valorant, there are people who primarily game on their phones, such as Reddit user Neggy5. As many people simply don't have the resources to get a computer that can support Valorant. Where the mobile version of Valorant can accommodate those who mostly use their phone for playing video games.

This transition may open up the world for mobile users and connect them to that of not only first-person shooter games but Riot’s extensive game library, especially with their other mobile games, this new expansion will only make their mobile game stronger in terms of the effect it will have for mobile users.