Win1code Fortnite offers players the chance to generate V-Bucks for free in massive increments. Players appear able select packages worth from 1,000 V-Bucks to 10,000 V-Bucks that will, allegedly, materialize in their Fortnite accounts.

This is a scam.

Win1code Fortnite: How it Works

Win1code Fortnite is a website that funnels users to another site called There, users can enter their Fortnite usernames and select a V-Buck total.

Once the website claims to have found the account in question (it's not clear that happens at all, as we tested it with a made-up username), it asks the user to verify that they are human by completing a survey. These surveys also offer monetary rewards, and are frequently used in other parts of the internet to steal user information.

These websites are no exception. Children are particularly at risk, but under no circumstances should anyone use Win1code or ifreecards.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games