Winners of the PUBG Developers Challenge Revealed

PUBG Corp and Overwolf partnered together and created a PUBG Developers Challenge allowing third-party developers come up with in-game features and programs.

The competition has come to an end and the winners have been chosen!

Winners of the PUBG Developers Challenge Revealed

The applications were judged based on the following criteria:

50% Player Value
30% Technical Quality
20% Design & Visuals

Here are the winners.

Third Place, Best Second Screen Application: PUBG Player

"Our third place winner, who will also be awarded for the best second screen application, is PUBG Player. This app is even better if you have a second monitor so that you can keep it full screen while you play PUBG, but you don’t need one to use it. You can open and close the screen in-game with any hotkey that you want to set."

Second Place: Match Bar for PUBG

"The second place prize goes to Match Bar for PUBG, an overlay which tracks stats and events in real-time, and adds labels for the aggregated amount of damage you’ve done and number of kills you’ve gotten so far. It even provides notifications for the damage that you cause as you attack other players."

First Place: Chicken DInner

"The first place winner of the PUBG Developers Challenge is the application that just happens to have the most fitting name, Chicken Dinner. This app might look familiar to you because we did a Spotlight Post about their website last year. They’ve made some impressive updates since then, and now you can download their application from Overwolf to get replays of your most recent 5 matches without having to leave the game."

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp