Winterfest Lodge Fortnite: Where Is It?

Winterfest Lodge Fortnite is a new feature of the holiday event.
Winterfest Lodge Fortnite is a new feature of the holiday event. / Image Courtesy Epic Games

Winterfest Lodge in Fortnite is just one of the many fun features of this year's Winterfest, which so far has been full of new tasks and activities that allow players to earn new skins, weapons, and emotes.

Here's everything we know about the Winterfest lodge and where to find it.

Winterfest Lodge Fortnite

The tricky thing about Winterfest Lodge is that it is actually not found anywhere on the in-game map, like previous special locations such as the TIE Fighter crash sites. Instead, Winterfest Lodge can be found by clicking around the lobby menu.

When entering the main game lobby, you may notice a new addition to the options on the top. Next to the "Play" button, there is a clickable snowflake. By clicking on the snowflake, you are taken to a menu that shows the Winterfest Lodge nestled cozily within the trees of a snow covered Fortnite Island. Click the button on the bottom right side of the screen that says "Visit Lodge" to, of course, visit the Lodge.

Once inside the Lodge, there aren't a lot of activities to do. The most important feature of the Winterlodge is being able to warm yourself up by the fireplace. By doing this, you will earn 20 xp and will be rewarded with the 2020 Kickflip (Festive Doggo).