Wizards Unite code name ideas are ultimately always subjective, as they really are just names at the end of the day. Although they're gussied up in-universe as code names that the SOS will use to refer to the player, they're basically just usernames.

Still, some players are looking for help picking a name. Here are some ways to think of good Wizards Unite code names.

Wizards Unite Code Name Ideas

The easiest way to choose a code name is to use a Harry Potter name generator. Here are two that will spit out Harry Potter-appropriate names for you to choose from.

Another strategy is to mix and match the names of characters in the Harry Potter series. Take a first name from one character and graft it onto the last name of another. This technique works best with less obvious characters — your name will sound more believable if it's based on a minor character than Harry or Hermione.

If none of that strikes your fancy, you can always use your real name. The stakes are pretty low here.

Photo courtesy of Niantic