Wizards Unite Crashing: How to Fix the Error

Wizards Unite crashing isn't a rare problem, but it never ceases to be frustrating for players. A lot of games are prone to crashes from titans like "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" to the newest mobile rip-off of Bejeweled. It's especially annoying when you're right in the middle of special spawn capture or trace.

Here's everything we can tell you about how to fix a crashing mobile game.

Wizards Unite Crashing: How to Fix the Error

One of the first things you should double-check when looking to fix a crashing error is whether your device is actually compatible or not. While most App Stores won't let you download software applications that aren't appropriate for your device, you will occasionally find that certain software is optimized for a certain platform. If you're seeing that Android users are having more issues than iOS, that could be part of your issue.

Another thing in the same vein would be to make sure your phone's software is up to date. It's not uncommon to put off updating your phone. However, running an updated app on the prior device software version could cause problems.

Finally, make sure your Wizards Unite app is also up to date. The game gets a lot of its data and information from online servers. If the server isn't willing to support the previous version of the game, the conflicting signals could cause the game to crash.

If you're still experiencing issues despite checking these three things, the next step could be to uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone. It's possible something caused an error in the code while it was downloading. Reinstalling the software properly could fix this issue.

The absolute final resort to fix a crashing issue would be to restart your phone. Like computers, every so often, it's good to restart them and give them a sort of "fresh start." It's possible something is flagging incorrectly and preventing the game to work as it should.

Image courtesy of Niantic Labs, Portkey Games