Wizards Unite Defense Breach: Everything you Need to Know

Defense Breach is another Wizards Unite professions statistic that allows you to get a significant advantage on your foes in Wizarding Challenges. The professions perk tree has tons of skills that can turn you into a spell-casting master. Are you ready to destroy your opponents for the good of the Wizarding World?

Here's how you can make the most out of the Defense Breach.

Wizards Unite Defense Breach

Defense Breach appears on your profession page, near the bottom with the rest of your defense stat. Its icon on the profession's tree is your wizard's silhouette standing behind a shield broken in two and appears several times throughout the tree's path. All classes will start with 0% Defense Breach and have to work their way up.

The effect that this still has is a solid one—it impacts your foes' defense stat during combat rather than your own. With each increase, your foes' defense will decrease, making it easier to cast lasting damage to their stamina.

However, while this sounds like a dream come true for some witches and wizards, it should be noted that this attribute only truly comes into play at the higher levels. Common tier enemies may not show the same degree of impact by this skill as their Imposing or Dangerous counterparts.

That being said, if you're a player who finds Wizarding Challenges to be the biggest draw or aspect of the game for you, we highly recommend building this skill to maximize your damage output.

Photo courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer.