Wizards Unite Fortress Guide: How to Conquer Your Local Fortress

Wizards Unite Fortress guide is important if you want the best chance at collecting foundables, gaining experience, and leveling your profession.

While Pokemon GO has a few features to encourage team play or playing with friends, Wizards Unite's Fortresses are meant to be played with friends. So while you can conquer them solo, try finding friends!

Wizards Unite Fortress Guide: How to Conquer Your Local Fortress

There are a few things to notice about a Fortress. If you ever noticed a glowing Fortress, that means someone recently or is currently inside the Fortress, so look around to make a friend! Secondly, you'll need runes to activate the floors, set the difficulty and advance in the Fortress.

Each floor get progressively more difficult, but you can up the difficulty and earnings by using a higher level runestone. I would stick with the basic floor levels until you get a hang of it.

During the Fortress, you'll encounter monsters and dark wizards and be required to cast spells fast and accurately. If you miss or don't defeat the enemy, you'll need to cast Protego. This will lessen the damage significantly when they attack in return.

Most encounters will make you aim a specific spell at enemies that can sometimes move, so be prepared to move your wand around the screen. Players can use Charms, Hexes, or Potions to help them throughout the match. You can create Potions outside the map, while you can learn Charms and Hexes and use them in battles.

Basically, you can keep advancing up the Fortresses until you think you've hit your limit or you lose a battle. You'll still have everything you've earned from before!

It's better to try to fight these places with friends, so try to team up if you want an overall better experience.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs