Wizards Unite Fortress Locations and Guide

Wizards Unite Fortress locations are important to know whether you're looking for some extra experience or trying to collect Foundables that are available only by defeating your foes in combat. They're also one of the best ways to get in on the multiplayer aspect of Wizards Unite and team up with your friends. Depending on where you're located, fortresses could be miles away or right next door.

Here's everything we can tell you about fortress locations in Wizards Unite.

Wizards Unite Fortress Locations

It doesn't appear that fortress locations have any significant criteria aside from being a well-known landmark or pre-existing gathering spot. The location of a fortress doesn't have any bearing on the difficulty or types of foes you will encounter inside, either.

Difficulty is determined by the chamber or "grade" your choose to enter. It is then compounded by Runestones which also determine the type of enemy you'll face.

Fortresses very obviously look like a fantasy fortress. They present themselves as a large orange tower that stretches into the sky—reminiscent of the spires on Hogwarts' castle. One walk through your town or local streets should give you an idea of where they are. After all, at a size like that, these places are hard to miss.

On the chance you can't go case your entire neighborhood or there aren't any fortresses in your immediate area, there are several websites and programs that will help you map out exactly where you need to go. One of these is the WU World Map that has been featured on Reddit.

You can find some strategies for taking down your local fortress here.

Good luck, witches and wizards, and have a safe trip back to Hogwarts when you're done.

Image courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer