Wizards Unite Not Counting Steps: What is the Problem and How to Fix It

Wizards Unite not counting steps has been a recent issue for players. Not everyone can afford to have the program open on their phone all the time, so having a function to remedy this cuts down on a lot of frustration. Wizards Unite players know this all too well as it appears their game isn't tracking their steps at all.

So, what's the problem and how do we fix it?

Wizards Unite Not Counting Steps

The problem is simple: Wizards Unite does not have a function that counts your steps outside of having the application open—at least, not yet.

Unfortunately, unlike Pokémon GO—Niantic Lab's other game of this nature—Wizards Unite does not not have an "Adventure Sync" feature that would establish a link between the game and your phone's built-in pedometer.

This means that no matter how far you walk or how many steps you take, Wizards Unite will not be tracking you if you don't have it open the whole time.

Fans have referred to this as "disappointing", "annoying" and "a burden." Many have said it should have been in the game from launch, calling the lack of this quality of life feature "unoptimized" among other things.

Not all hope is lost, however. During a panel for the game hosted at San Diego Comic Con this year, the Wizards Unite team disclosed that an Adventure Sync function is being developed and is expected to be implemented to the game fairly soon. The team neglected to offer a date where the feature would be complete.

It looks like the only real fix for this problem is to wait until Niantic brings Adventure Sync into the Wizarding World.

Photo courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer.