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Wizards Unite Potion Codes: Everything You Need To Know

Photo screenshot taken from the mobile game.

Wizards Unite potion codes are great bits of information to know for all your brewing and bubbling needs. When puzzled out correctly, they can be used to maximize your time spent pouring ingredients into your digital cauldron.

Knowing these codes is a great way to earn scrolls to level up your profession and check off at least one of your daily achievements while playing the game —additionally including a fun immersion aspect.

Wizards Unite Potion Codes

The codes are framed as "Master Notes" and refer to specific movements made to "stir" your cauldron. To access this mode, all you need to do is tap the wooden spoon sticking out of the current brewing mixture.

The list of notes is as follows:

  • Counter-Clockwise - trace a counter-clockwise rotation
  • Clockwise - trace a clockwise rotation
  • Horizontal Across - trace a horizontal line left or right
  • Pinch - pinch the cauldron with two fingers
  • Tap - tap the cauldron repeatedly
  • Shake - shake your phone
  • Vertical Across - trace a vertical line up or down
  • Zoom - push away from the center of the cauldron with two fingers
  • Some of the actions needed as they appear presented in-game.

    These notes come in strings of anywhere between three to six actions which must be figured out and then performed perfectly in order. Any mistakes will cause the whole process to start over. Fortunately, the sequence for the current potion will save itself to your game after three completions—for you to reference whenever you need.

    Here are the correct sequences for each of the nine potions in the game:

    • Healing Potion - Zoom, Clockwise, Tap, Pinch
    • Exstimulo Potion - Vertical, Vertical, Clockwise
    • Strong Exstimulo Potion - Vertical, Vertical, Counter-Clockwise, Clockwise
    • Potent Exstimulo Potion - Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical, Counter-Clockwise, Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise
    • Baruffio's Brain Elixir - Clockwise, Pinch, Horizontal, Horizontal, Zoom, Shake
    • Invigoration Draught - Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical, Zoom
    • Strong Invigoration Draught - Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical, Vertical, Zoom, Zoom
    • Dawdle Draught - Shake, Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Pinch
    • Wit-Sharpening Potion - Zoom, Vertical, Vertical, Tap
    • When done right, a completed sequence of master notes will cut down your potion's brewing time by 15%.