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Wizards Unite Professor Skill Tree: Everything You Need to Know

Wizards Unite Professor skill tree is one of three skills trees available in the game. Like any skill tree, you'll have to make decisions in order to maximize your skills and create a build that's worth playing.

Here is everything you need to know about becoming a Professor.

Wizards Unite Professor Skill Tree

The Professor profession is one of three available professions you get to choose from at level six. Each profession has a leader and choosing Professor means you'll be guided by none other than the current Hogwarts headmaster, Minerva McGonagall.

Strength and Weaknesses chart, much like Rock-Paper-Scissors

As McGonagall will tell you, professions must work together to complete challenges in Fortresses around the world. Each profession has strengths and weaknesses. Professors are strong against Curiosities, but weak against Dark Forces damage. Try to keep this in mind when selecting your Runestrones and chambers.

Professors will also start out with a 50% bonus to Critical Power, a 25% bonus to their Protego spell, a 20% bonus to Proficiency Power, and a 5% bonus to Accuracy. The perks in this skill tree are specifically geared to build your accuracy and defense.

Professor Professions page

This also means each profession has a particular role they are suited for on a team. As a Professor, your role is support. You are not a healer like the Magizoologists and not a damage-dealer like Aurors. The kit you have is primarily made up of stat-increasing charms like Protection and Proficiency Power.

Essentially, your job is to keep your party buffed while tearing down the enemies' defenses.

Are you ready to teach the Wizarding World some lessons?

Photos courtesy of Niantic Labs, Jack O'Dwyer