World Champion, Parasite, Retires From Competitive Call of Duty

Image courtesy of CDL/YouTube

Veteran COD player Christopher "Parasite" Duarte has announced that he has retired from professional Call of Duty, citing the state of the game as a factor.

After roughly 10 years of playing Call of Duty professionally, Parasite has revealed that he will be stepping back from playing competitively though he's still open "to all opportunities gaming related." The 2013 World Champion took to Twitter yesterday to detail some of the reasons behind his decision. "I’ve lost all my passion to compete."

He continued, "I actually never thought I’d reach a point where it died but when the game is constantly moving backwards and despite all your accomplishments and performances yearly yet your career isn’t going anywhere it’s kinda expected."

Parasite cited that a factor behind his decision was the current state of Call of Duty. "If the game was in a better state maybe I wouldn’t be saying this but this is here and now."

World Champion, Parasite, Retires From Competitive Call of Duty

The now-retired pro has had an extensive career, with perhaps his most notable achievement happening during his time with Fariko Impact. Alongside Karma, KiLLa, and MiRx, the quad took first place in the CoD Championship 2013 beating out Team Envy. After leaving Impact in April 2013, Parasite had stints with the likes of FaZe Clan, compLexity, and, more recently, Team Canada.

The pro has said that he'll still be streaming and will "maybe even talk about CDL and challengers." Additionally he has expressed his interest in pursuing other opportunities within the competitive scene, such as coaching, commentating, or management. "I have a very analytical mind when it comes to gaming and esports and would love to continue my legacy here," he said.

"Thanks for supporting me all these years. I tried I hope you all could see that."